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Updated May 18th, 2023 from my home in Brooklyn, New York.


I’m a forcaster for Samotsvety, a Good Judgement Superforecaster and an INFER All-Star.

One of my missions is to drive the wider adoption of forecasts as a tool for making sense of the world. Since forecasters are judged on their track records, and not by how many views or likes they receive, they have the right incentives for accuracy.


I started a substack called Abstraction where I write about AI safety, existential risk, prediction markets, forecasting, and other related topics.


In everyday life, I work as a Security Architect at JP Morgan. I’m particularly excited about applications for public key cryptography.

Software Projects

I love building and prototyping software! LLM-based coding assistants have made the process even better. As I have time, I’m working on Grantkey and have plans to train a small LLM for specialized for database interaction.