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I grew up in Vermont, studied Economics in college and then Cybersecurity in grad school.

In 2009, I married Ruolin (Sarah) Cui in Boston. We moved to DC shortly thereafter to work as consultants. From 2010 until 2012, I consulted for the municipal government’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer. In 2012, we moved to New York. For the first several years, I worked as a Data Scientist at the securities litigation firm Labaton Sucharow where I worked with forensic accountants and lawers to create models to identify and get out ahead of corporate malfeasance.

In 2016, I went to work for JP Morgan Chase & Co as a Data Science Product Manager where I prototyped fraud detection products and then worked with my scrum team to get them operationalized. In 2021, I took on my current role as a Security Architect where I’m focused on identifying vulnerabilities, threat modeling, and risk prioritization.

I frequently help friends and family with programming / data mining projects, so feel free to reach out to me if you have an interesting project you would like help with. In my spare time, I am an avid forecaster. I’m a Good Judgment Superforecaster, an INFER All-Star (top 10 forecaster) and a member of Samotsvety. I blog at abstraction.substack.com.